Collision is Joining Our Mission.

Dear WebSummit,

Welcome to Canada! 🇨🇦

We’re excited that after evaluating San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, you decided Toronto is the best place to host Collision. We couldn’t agree more. As a group of passionate Canadians, we’re grateful you’ll be joining us on our mission to Elevate the Canadian innovation ecosystem.

We’ll do our best to support you in your move. We know you’ve done your homework, but you need to know that Canada is different. It’s special. It’s unlike any place on earth. It’s one of the most diverse countries in the world. Canadians come from all different places and have different backgrounds, but it’s our shared values that unite us.

Elevate believes that Diversity is our Strength. At a time when the world is closing its borders, Canada is doing the opposite and is increasing national immigration levels. As countries talk about building walls, our Prime Minister is welcoming those most in need. It’s why we started Elevate Everyone, a movement to promote a diverse, safe and accessible festival for all. We hope you’ll follow our lead and join us in this pledge.

We believe we need to Disrupt Together. Collaboration is the key to moving society forward. It’s what brought 95 partners together in 95 days to create Elevate, Canada’s largest tech and innovation festival. It’s what bands us together with other Made in Canada events across the country to amplify our efforts. Of course, we look forward to working with you too.

We started Elevate because It’s Our Time. Our ecosystem is thriving. Toronto is on pace to become the biggest tech sector outside of Silicon Valley. The University of Waterloo is second only to MIT as the largest source of engineering talent in North America. More jobs were created in Toronto last year than in New York and San Francisco. Combined.

What’s important to understand is that we’re committed to our mission and living our values. So thank you for helping us bring the world to Canada. Let’s disrupt together.


   From your new friend,




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