Building the ‘Brain’ of the Bank

Did you know that the brain can process an image in as little as 13 milliseconds? That’s faster than the blink of an eye. In almost no time at all, our brains are able to process the world around us and make sense of it.

At a recent TD artificial intelligence fireside chat, founders of Layer 6 AI, Jordan Jacobs and Tomi Poutanen, alongside Rizwan Khalfan, EVP and Chief Digital and Payments Officer, discussed artificial intelligence (AI) and the opportunity for financial services.

The origin of the Layer 6 name is a reference to the sixth layer of the neocortex of the human brain.  It’s a nod to the goal of AI, as this part of the brain plays a key role in how humans process the millions of data-points they encounter on a daily basis and make meaning of them.


Tomi Poutanen discussing artificial intelligence (AI) and the opportunity for financial services.

In general, AI is the ability of a computer or a machine to learn over time by analyzing data and transforming it into insights that inform decisions. When people ask me what exactly Layer 6 is doing at TD, I tell them that we’re helping to build ‘the brain of the bank’ so to speak, so we can deliver highly personalized experiences, allowing us to truly understand the customer in the moment.” – Tomi Poutanen.

TD’s Khalfan spoke to how Layer 6’s world-renowned talent and capabilities will be transformative to the business going forward.

“Our belief is that we’re evolving from a mobile-first to an AI-first world. Every industry is transforming because of it. Having these truly first-class artificial intelligence capabilities in-house will act as a catalyst for doing things better.” – Khalfan.

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