Brightspark Ventures is Democratizing VC


Brightspark Ventures has been investing in early stage tech companies since 1999. Their goal is to find exceptional startups, and work closely with these companies as they grow to achieve stellar returns. We spoke with Brighstspark to learn more about their company and how they are affecting the tech industry.


What problem is your organization solving?

Brightspark is a venture capital firm with the motto “democratizing VC”. Traditionally, the best early-stage and growth investments are seen (and scooped up) by VCs, large institutional funds and a small handful of ultra-wealthy angel investors. Individual investors are usually “locked out” of these deals. At Brightspark, we make these investment opportunities available to Canadian accredited investors. Every time we invest in a new company, we create a single-purpose VC Fund specific to the company, and invite individual accredited investors to invest into the fund (which is fully managed by Brightspark).


What excites you about the tech scene in Canada?

The market is recognizing what we have always said would happen: tech is mainstream in Canada, and it represents the future of our economy. It’s also very exciting to finally be seeing repeat entrepreneurs with experience at every level of management in our industry.


Why is the tech ecosystem so important to what you do?

To continue to fund early-stage companies in Canada, we need a “full stack” ecosystem to maintain momentum and growth, and it is finally happening with expertise at every level.


What do you wish people knew about your organization?

We have been deeply entrenched in the Canadian tech industry since the beginning (when we started out in the late 80’s) and have worked with, and nurtured many of the leaders and future leaders of the industry. Today, we are actively investing in many of the best tech early and growth stage companies in Canada.


Best perk of working at your organization?

The team. We have an awesome group of stellar performers who genuinely like working with each other.


What is the next tech trend that is going to impact the work you do?

There isn’t just one thing: ubiquity will continue to expand into mobile, driving, home, shopping, entertainment, etc.


What leaders in the tech community does your organization look to for inspiration?

The CEOs of our portfolio companies. People like Lindsey Goodchild (Nudge Rewards), Ben Zifkin (Hubba) and Shawn Young (Classcraft Studios) who have immersed themselves into creating and leading world-leading, disruptive companies and never giving up.


What makes the Toronto community unique and how does that influence the work you do?

Diversity, enthusiasm, and optimism.


What impact do you hope to make for 2019?

Continue to offer great investment opportunities to individual investors across Canada, and invest in some of the (as yet unknown) great tech companies in Canada.


What are you most looking forward to at Elevate?

The high energy.


Join us September 21-27, 2018 in Toronto to be a part of a diverse and inclusive community at the forefront of innovation. Buy your passes here.



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