Here’s who won at The Elevated Awards

It was a full house and a who’s who of innovative workplaces at Design Exchange on May 8th. With drinks flowing and bass pumping, this was not your typical white tablecloth award show. Under the 40 feet ceiling of the old stock exchange trade floor, guests settled into chic lounge booths to take in the show and celebrate the winners. The Elevated Awards recognizes the 50 Most Innovative Workplaces in the ecosystem and these standout seven announced at the event have proven to be the best of the best in their category.

The winners take the stage at The Elevated Awards 50 Most Innovative Workplaces.

Professional & Personal Development: Loopio

Two of Loopio’s core values – curiosity and mastery – are designed to boost personal and professional development for their team. Loopio offers regular lunch and learns, leadership summits, hackathons and they launched a $1,000 Professional Mastery budget so that everyone on staff (a.k.a. Loopers) can pursue the education they feel will help them grow in their role. They keep approval processes simple and trust that Loopers will make the right choice for their growth. Loopio’s ultimate goal is to have Loopers look back on their time at Loopio, and see it as the cornerstone of their career.

Finalists: MyPlanet, Wave

Best Workspace: Connected

Connected has a mix of spaces designed to empower their team to innovate. One floor is dedicated to entertaining, educating, and fuelling staff with everything they need for a great workday. They use their space for events, workshops, and can record and stream anything from the space so anyone offsite can participate. Connected works to ensure all staff feel safe and included, they have a gender-neutral washroom and built a prayer and meditation for staff to practice their religion, take time to meditate, or just use the room as a quiet retreat to recharge and refocus.

Finalists: Loyalty One, SDI Design, WeWork

Michele Romanow and Bruce Croxon, stars of CBC’s hit show Dragons’ Den, host The Elevated Awards.

Purpose-Driven: BlueDot

Infectious diseases are a growing global threat in our interconnected world. More frequent and severe in the last 20 years than at any other time in history, infectious diseases are thriving within a new reality of global travel, urbanization, and climate change. The BlueDot team understands the complexity of the challenge in front of us – and that the urgency to solve the problem has never been greater. They’ve combined public health and medical expertise with advanced data analytics to build a global early warning system: the engine that powers our products to track and contextualize infectious disease risks risks no matter where you are.

Finalists: #MoveTheDial, Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Diversity & Inclusiveness: Thoughtworks

Diversity and inclusivity is in the Thoughtworks DNA. Beyond tech skills, they hire for and value respect, empathy, and open-mindedness. Thoughtworks employees are encouraged to advocate for what they believe in. On any given day you’ll hear ThoughtWorkers talking openly about race, gender, equality, discrimination, and intersectionality. ThoughtWorkers have launched more than 60 active diversity programs and initiatives going on in their offices worldwide. These programs focus on everything from gender and underrepresented gender diversity, LGBTQIA+ issues, mental health, and neurodiversity. The goals for each are clear: to make ThoughtWorks, and technology, a better place for all.

Finalists: Borrowell, General Motors Canada, Scotiabank, Wattpad

The G Adventures team accepts their Elevated Award onstage.

Corporate Social Responsibility: G Adventures

G Adventures is a social enterprise that believes travel is an exchange, not a commodity. The social and environmental welfare of the planet is fundamentally important to the work they do. When you travel with G Adventures, you’re giving back, often in ways you’d never expect. They have programs and partnerships around protecting the local economy and culture of their destination communities, protecting animal and child welfare, and preserving the environment.

Finalists: Ceridian, Think Dirty

Health & Wellness: SoapBox

SoapBox gives their employees the Cadillac of health benefits so that their team can get all the support they need mentally and physically. They encourage their people to do whatever they need for their physical and mental health above all else. In practice, that means unlimited sick days and letting staff take time in the day to attend appointments, take a fitness class, or meditate. Every SoapBox manager is responsible for the health and wellness of their employees and make employee wellbeing a key part of check-ins with leadership.

Finalists: League Inc., Opencare, Sensibill

Brand Storytelling: Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple aims to humanize the world of money and make it more accessible. They make the human experience is central to their brand story. Their brand mission is to build the most human financial services company in the world. Most financial content is boring. It’s made by the industry, for the industry, and really isn’t relevant to anyone else. Wealthsimple does things differently by producing an in-house magazine which breaks down complicated financial terms and tells real and honest stories about money. In our Money Diaries series they speak to interesting people about their relationship with money, like Margaret Atwood and Anthony Bourdain, and they’ve also spoken to people you may never have heard from before – like a nun on what it’s like to take a vow of poverty or a couple who are in extreme debt. We also dig into topics that most financial companies steer away from, like how marriage has a profound effect on the financial lives of women or why the racial wealth gap is a problem we can’t ignore.

Finalists: 500 px, Mejuri

The show wraps with a champagne toast to all the winners.

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