TD Next Gen: Luke Piette

Next Gen Now is the official theme for Elevate 2018. At Elevate, we believe that the future of tech is happening now as ideas that once seemed impossible become reality.

This year, the TD Next Gen scholarship is providing 500 festival passes to some standout youth from The Knowledge Society. These young people are the next generation of leaders in tech and innovation and are showing the tech community that the future is bright.

Did you know that the average human spends 27.3 years in their life sleeping? We interviewed Luke Piette, a TKS student and Elevate Intern, to learn more about his recent project to reduce the amount of sleep humans need each night. Read more about his passion for the tech industry and current projects below.


What first got you into tech?

Through The Knowledge Society, I was exposed to a wide variety of exponential technologies. Things like blockchain, AI, nanotech, and CRISPR sparked my flame of interest for innovative tech solutions to our world’s biggest problems.


What excites you about the tech scene in Canada?

I’m excited by Canada’s awesome diversity and inclusiveness when it comes to the tech and startup scene. Someone in the tech scene can easily crowdsource information and ideas from like-minded people and have access to a wide variety of mentors and resources. This is awesome for growth development in the tech space and is super encouraging when wanting to join the tech space. 

What is your passion project?

The average human spends about 33% of their life sleeping (that’s 27.3 years!). My tech passion project consists of trying to reduce the amount of sleep time we need each night by speeding up the intermediate processes between the sleep cycles where your brain is going from one stage to the other by using transcranial altering currents.


Your latest tech discover:

Alzheimer’s is a disease caused by the build-up of toxic plaques in the brain. Recently though, researchers have found a way of removing those plaques using magnetic nanobots that stick to the Alzheimer infected areas and can be magnetically sucked out, rendering the neurons useful again.


Your favourite app:

My favorite app by far is Trello. It helps me stay organized and can even serve as a calendar when used the right way.


One young up-and-coming tech leader you want to elevate:

I’d like to elevate Trevor Koverko, the CEO of Polymath. Polymath is a crypto-based company that aims to tokenize security. By making the trade of currency completely secure, Trevor could revolutionize the global trade of goods. I hope Polymath achieves their goal and becomes a worldwide influence.


What are you most looking forward to at Elevate?

I’m really looking forward to the ElevateR pitch. It’s gonna be awesome to see all the amazing ideas Toronto based startups have to bring to the tech seen.


Your advice for the next generation of tech leaders:

Put yourself out there. If you ever feel uncomfortable towards an opportunity, it means there’s growth potential. Whether it be competing in hackathons, speaking at conferences, networking, just put yourself out there.



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