Interview with 17-year-old Tommy Moffat on Quantum Machine Learning

We interviewed, Tommy Moffat, a highschool student from Burlington, Ontario. Tommy talks about his passion for the tech scene, specifically with quantum machine learning. 


What first got you into tech?

I started programming when I was 9 years old, working mostly in competitive robotics for several years. After winning the international world championship, I joined The Knowledge Society (TKS) – a human accelerator focused on developing unicorn people through the exploration of exponential technologies.


What excites you about the tech scene in Canada?

Canada (and Toronto in particular) has been putting a heavy emphasis on innovation with exponential technologies like machine learning, genetic engineering, blockchain, and quantum computing. I’m super excited about the hub that Toronto has become for many of these technologies because of the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the future that it presents.


Your tech passion project?

I’m currently working on using quantum machine learning and other novel computational methods for network analysis in a genetic and immunological context. This technology has the potential to drastically speed up the process of drug discovery and could even lead to new therapeutic strategies to target a broad range of diseases (cancerous, neurological, autoimmune, and more).


Your latest tech discovery?

I’ve recently spent a lot of time learning the intricacies of quantum computation, and one of the most exciting things I learned was the mechanisms behind quantum neural networks based on continuous-variable quantum systems – a quantum algorithm that will unlock an entirely new approach to ML.


Your favourite app? 

Elevate brain-training!


Best or worst tech trend of all time?

The worst trend of all time is the proliferation of technology that eases humans into conformity – conformity has become a societal norm, which has pushed human development to a point of stagnation and possibly even degradation


One young up-and-coming tech leader you want to elevate? 

Any of the hundred students in TKS.

What are you most looking forward to at Elevate?

Meeting the leaders and influencers of the most impactful and exciting technologies of our era and forming strong relationships with as many of them as possible, in addition to hearing their perspectives on the future of various exponential technologies.


Your advice for the next generation of tech leaders? 

Seek discomfort. Nothing good comes easily.


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