Volition is Helping Position Startups for Success  

Volition is one of our official community partners this year at Elevate. Volition has a vision to create new networks and opportunities for collision, collaboration, and knowledge sharing across startup sectors and stakeholders. We interviewed Volition to learn more about the impact they are creating for startups.


We help entrepreneurs and startups with the polish they need to position them for success. Entrepreneurs often struggle with what to do next, our team of specialized expert advisors provide clarity, alignment, focus, and strategy guidance to help our clients achieve their goals and milestones.


We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of the incredible possibilities that Canada provides. We have the freedom and openness to innovate, and are fostering the talent to drive innovation.


Tech drives innovation, innovation drives tech. But there are challenges along the journey to success. The people, the innovators, the entrepreneurs, are what drives us.


Our expert advisors can be booked from anywhere, and we can provide virtual sessions.


Getting to work with entrepreneurs and startups, and be part of their journeys and growth. Getting to see all the incredible ideas, innovation, and hustle is awesome too.


Possibly blockchain and cannabis, because eventually things will normalize and the entrepreneurs will need help formulating solid strategies and plans, and pitches to break through the noise of all the competition for funds.

StartupCanada, MARS, OneEleven, our investor partners such as Arch River Capital

The speed at which it moves compared to the communities in other markets. We’re very excited to be expanding to Toronto soon.


With our impending expansion into other markets such as Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Seattle and Amsterdam, we’re looking forward to helping more entrepreneurs and startups in more places.


The connections and conversations.


Buy your tickets here. Join us September 21-27, 2018 in Toronto to be a part of a diverse and inclusive community at the forefront of innovation. 

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