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What is Elevate Everyone?

We aspire to showcase the strength of our diverse country and talent on a global stage. While many of us in the Canadian tech community are proud to say that Diversity is our Strength we are learning that diversity can only truly be our strength if we design for it – deliberately and intentionally.  

Elevate Everyone is the committee helping to develop a thoughtful approach to embed diversity, inclusion, accessibility and equity into the core of the Elevate festival. Its goal is to bring an intersectional lens to the design process and think about ways to support access and remove systematic barriers for everyone.

2018 Co-Chairs

Project Belong

As of 2018, the committee is embarking on Project Belong, a collaborative initiative focused on creating a manifesto that outlines the core principles, tactics, and code of conduct for a more safe, accessible, diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment and experience for those that attend Elevate in 2018.

The Project Belong Manifesto will draw upon the expertise and principles of social justice and activist groups, will leverage critical insights and feedback from the Canadian tech community through a survey and inclusive design session, and incorporate learnings from thought leaders in the area of diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Following the tech festival, the manifesto and related materials will become an open-source, regularly updated resource for use by other events in the global tech ecosystem.

If you have any questions, please email us at elevateeveryone@elevatetechfest.com

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