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Driving Growth in Exponential Times

MORNING SESSION I 9:00am-12:00pm


In today’s fast-paced economy, many enterprises are struggling to keep pace. This session brings together leaders who will share the value and need for data-centric processes and organizational agility. To be successful, enterprises need to create a comprehensive product roadmap that runs from ideation through go-to-market strategy, and covers the entire team. A full-cycle roadmap, combined with agile processes, will not only help you and your team create first-class digital products, but will ensure you anticipate coming trends and market needs, and release quickly.

Why Attend?

Learn and share best practices to driving product growth with industry experts and an executive-only peer group

Hear how leading corporate innovators overhauled and accelerated their product development process through agile development to build best-in-class digital products

Participants (C-suite to VP level only)

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Enterprise Transformation Powered by Data


Data, emerging technologies, and new entrants have ushered in a wave of disruption that is hitting the core of the enterprise. To survive, organizations need to transform and evolve from the inside out; it involves data, team commitment, and cultural change. At its core, transformation is about empowering and enabling processes and people to be proactive rather than reactive, and to be responsive rather than stagnant.

Why Attend?

Gain insight and identify where emerging technologies can have the largest impact and ROI within your organization

Share and learn how industry experts and an executive-only peer group adapted both the people and process layers of their business for sustained success

Hear how other organizations have transformed their workforce to enable new strategies and business models

Participants (C-suite to VP level only)

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